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I grieve that my life is but a moment and envy the Long River’s endless flow. If only I could grasp hold of a skeins transcendent and wander with him through the heavens to embrace the bright moon and live forever. But, I realize this cannot be attained so I confide these lingering sounds to the sad autumn wind.

Su Shih

The world is crammed with delightful things. I think young people make such a mistake about that — not letting themselves be happy. I sometimes think that happiness is the only thing that counts.

— Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out (via wendesgray)

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When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people.

Abraham Joshua Heschel  (via pepperlamb)

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You lose it if you talk about it.

— Ernest Hemingway, from The Art Of Fiction (via metalliod)

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Great paintings shouldn’t be in museums. Have you ever been to a museum? Museums are cemeteries. Paintings should be on the walls of restaurants, in dime stores, in gas stations, in men’s rooms. Great paintings should be where people hang out. The only thing where it’s happening is on the radio and records, that’s where people hang out. You can’t see great paintings. You pay half a million and hang one in your house and one guest sees it. That’s not art. That’s a shame, a crime. Music is the only thing that’s in tune with what’s happening. It’s not in book form, it’s not on the stage. All this art they’ve been talking about is nonexistent. It just remains on the shelf. It doesn’t make anyone happier. Just think how many people would really feel great if they could see a Picasso in their daily diner. It’s not the bomb that has to go, man, it’s the museums.

— Bob Dylan

All of which makes me anxious, at times unbearably so.

— "Double Bass" by Gorillaz